Consistent videos for pet business to bring more clients

Populate your website, social media accounts, and YouTube channel with consistent video content for a year.

Don't worry about making videos for a year

You're too busy to worry about making a professional video every month, so let us take care of that with our Video Subscription Service. We will produce high-quality video content that makes pet parents trust you as their lifelong pet business professional.

For an entire year, we will produce videos designed to bring you new business and answer common questions your clients have. All while keeping your social media accounts and website fresh with top-quality content.



Dog Grooming Videos Kissimmee FL

As a pet professional, how can you present your pet business story and consistently build trust with pet parents?

The answer is to make high-quality videos that change the lives of pet parents, and we at Porfolio Media can support you with our Video Subscription plan.


Our goal with your pet business is simple:

  • Produce high-quality videos to educate pet parents.
  • Showcase the care you have for pets.
  • Create a venue to engage with your target audience.


The videos we are talking about are compelling, exciting, and emotionally charged with storytelling that clarifies how you change people's lives. We will work with you for a year to accomplish this exciting goal, making exceptional and highly engaging monthly videos.


Porfolio Media will become the cornerstone of your video marketing strategy. Get ready for your potential customers to learn who you are, why you are different, and how you will change their lives.

What Our Clients Say


Our Video Subscription Plan includes up to 36 videos a year from the following formats:

(1) Explanation of Services Videos

Designed to explain in detail all the services that your business offers. The videos will be no longer than 3 minutes in duration and will be formatted as follows:

  • Introduction / Spokesperson name and company / What service will be talked
  • What is the benefit of service?
  • Why is the service valuable?
  • Why should the Customer consider it?
  • Clients before and after
  • Client testimonial for specific service
  • Schedule a free consultation call-to-action video

The goal of the videos is to bring your business customers that are searching for that specific service.

(2) Frequently Ask Questions or Should Ask Questions

This video series aims to rank your services locally on the Google search engine. A transcription for every video is included to add subtitles on YouTube, convert the video to a series of blog posts posted on your website, and publish it on social media.

The specific topics for the "Frequently Ask Questions" will be given to you based on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) research to make a video of exactly what your potential customers are looking for online.

The "Should Ask Question" will be provided by you based on your experience and what you believe customers should be asking about your business.


Starting at


Plan Terms

** Videos should not be longer than 3 minutes

*** A script is required for any of the videos. We can write a professional video script for an additional fee, or you can write it on your own (approximately 450 to 500 words max).

**** Teleprompter included on all video shootings (save $75 per shooting day) 

***** Videos will be a talking face style video (by owner or business spokesperson). Any supplementary footage you want to add to your video will be an extra charge if it requires another day of shooting or if we can't use stock footage. 

****** You get three revisions per video. Any additional revisions will be $50 per revision.